Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hypothesis On Magick

Ordinarily and almost across the board, in Western society, many things chalked up to “magick” are dismissed as coincidence and/or psychological anomalies. I have pondered this thought and held this thought for many many years (mostly due to indoctrination in the Western education system), but I no longer think it may be true.

I base my conclusions largely on experience, but also upon logic. I do not think “magick” is something which can be, or is meant to be, understood via the traditional Western understanding of knowledge, but more upon experience and the knowledge gained through 'relationship.'

Most Western thinkers, especially psychologists and philosophers, would agree that there is something to be said for “we create our own reality”, but they would emphatically state this is minimal and possibly no more than 25% of true and objective reality, with most stating the percentage of reality created by subjective “opinion” is much less and therefore much less important. They would even go one step farther and state that those who believe otherwise must be either confused/mistaken or mentally-ill/insane. They base this upon their subjective opinion that materialism/physicalism as an axiom underlying their worldview is 100% correct – at least once you boil the “logic” down.

As I approach age forty and read, learn more, and experience more, as well as think more, I tend to be nagged to death by my own conscience to disagree and reevaluate the underlying axioms of this worldview.

“If” panpsychism is, or could be, true, “if” positive thought is recognized as a force within psychology, “if” modern physics admits the place of the observer, “if” parapsychologists have empirical evidence of psychic phenomena, and “if”various philosophers of consciousness (such as Christian de Quincy and/or Galon Strawson) could be correct in their assessments, then my personal subjective experience combined with rational analysis could very well be a heavy indication of somethinganother forcemuch more powerful than is, and has ever been, recognized by modern scientific thought.

In other words, I look back on various “experiences” and I cannot logically assign them to coincidence or any “natural” occurrence. Take the wonder and excitement of my teenage years for example – that which occurred was not chance, but much too perfect. I had a great early life, and I expect to have a much greater life as I go!

Too often I got what I placed my “intention” into, not just in my teenage years, but beyond – even now. These things were too often against chance occurrence, in my mind. How could I by chance “find beer” on many occasions as an underage teen deeply desiring such, be with two women or more at once, have the women I desire, experience the things I longed for, have the paranormal experiences I was excited to have, experience mystical/magical/paranormal phenomena, go through the things I thought “normal” occurrences in life, and generally get exactly what I either expected or longed for including those things indoctrinated and drilled into my head as “normal?”

This is too much for me. I cannot chalk this up to chance occurrence – I somehow made it happen. You would not understand unless you experienced it and been through it. Somehow, someway, I can, we all can, make a large portion of our reality despite the supposed objective reality – it has to be! Subjective “intention” must account for 50% or more of objective reality – it just seems such to me when I view it in light of experience.

The only other option is that what is “thought” to be uncommon is actually common, which means someone or something is screwing with us all, which, in my mind, is just as “crazy” as my hypothesis. Either “magick” is true, or someone knows the probabilities and possibilities of objective reality and they are using them to control us. Which do you believe, because it can only be those two – in my estimation. Something is going on “experientially” which requires explanation beyond the normal.

I cannot really explain my experienced reality, but I can state that when I look back it could not be mere chance. Somehow I made (or something listening to me or monitoring my experience made) a large portion of my reality, if not all of it, occur – this is the true definition of magic or the supernatural in most minds.

Just look! Tally it up! Take the good and the bad, evaluate it against what you desired, throw in a few other subjective things and LOOK! Something is going on!!! Either someone is working with you or against you – we all see it. Well, what if it is largely “you”?

This is my hypothesis on “magick” - we actually create a very large portion of our reality, but not necessarily all alone. Objective reality is merely an agreed upon subjective reality, but maybe and perhaps not even as deeply as we believe. Maybe it is more like 75% subjective and 25% objective makes reality or more towards the subjective, or at the very least 50/50? What “if?” There are plenty of experiential reasons to “know” this – we just lack understanding.

We do make our reality, but sometimes it takes time – which is maybe something else to consider, and perhaps something that remains taught but is entirely forgotten? There is certainly something going on and it should not be denied, but explored. Somehow we are actually “making” reality and not by the traditional scientific worldview in this present day and age. Something “larger” is going on! I feel it in the depths of my being – I “know” it.

Forget about what I said, just take your life and calculate “chance” against your own thoughts and “intentions” see what YOU think. Experience tells me magick, to some degree or another, is true. It is completely obvious to me, especially after all these years of pondering and searching for “logical' evidence to potentially support what seems obvious. What can be more “logical” than searching for supporting evidence for what you know to be obvious, especially if you understand logic and axioms? You will be told it is wrong, but in actuality if you look at the core of what makes the scientific method you will KNOW the axioms and/or “assumptions” are the true reality of your thought-processes! You need only demonstrate them, and not necessarily consistently, if you agree one can change their mind and the “observer” is key.

The knowledge of the truth of “magick” is experiential, and that is how and the only way in which the truth of “magick” can ever be understood by the wise man or woman. “Magick” is experiential “knowledge”, which is another true form of knowledge and perhaps the only one.


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