Thursday, March 28, 2013

Youtube, Digital Music, and the Next New Sound

Allow me to make a prediction... The next big thing in the music world is going to be an underground music movement, much like Punk but probably more in-line with rap/metal (a sound that crosses cultural barriers) which is grassroots and utilizes video and song as a means to promote individual liberty and the knowledge (aka 'philosophical underpinnings') necessary to truly understand it in a presentable, exciting, and instinctual manner. In short, this is precisely what the masses of youth desire and need.

It will be the movement of the 2010s, reaching into the 2020s, and likely will mirror much of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century. Additionally, it will usher in a 'customized' fashion industry through the premise of individualism and artistic expression, and may even include the ability to exchange such artistic expression with those whom one desires to have a relationship (something like pins and patches, stickers, and similar items which can be customized yet exchanged or easily discarded as one's opinions evolve).

It is going to be something entirely unique, individualistic, yet communal. It will likely include respect and conscious reverence for the environment, yet emphasize individual liberty and the acquisition of knowledge which is characteristic of the Information Age. I base all of these conclusions on what I see, what is, and my personal ability to see the greater picture.

This music, of which this article is primary concerned, will be a new yet not entirely a new sound – its ability to cross cultural barriers will be much more important than its “newness.” It will be accompanied by videos packed with useful knowledge and information, even educational, yet which provide entertainment and visual instinctual fulfillment. Even live concerts will include this visual appeal and most 'followers' will be as interested, if not more interested, in the visual aspects of the music as they are in the music itself.

In other words, the new sound, or more appropriately 'experience', will be a holistic musical approach. Musicians in live performance may even go so far as to include smells as well as visual and audio stimulation in their performance, though this is the farthest stretch of my own imagination. By far the holistic sights and sounds will be the main attractions, which can be done on many levels not inclusive of the live performance.

The useful knowledge gleaned from the video along with the enchantment of the audio performance will be the key factor, without a doubt.

This new sound, indeed new experience, will likely have philosophical underpinnings (probably much along the lines of such geniuses as Christian de Quincy and Alfred Whitehead) and will appear to the older generations as much more like a cultural revolution than a musical movement; indeed, most truly influential music movements have a philosophical core and sociological objective.

The movement will probably evoke such thoughts as those held by the influential philosopher Jacques Ellul, but with a potential and offered solution which utilizes technology while promoting basic humanity, individualism, sustainability and ecological conscience. Indeed, it will be something entirely different and entirely fresh and youthful.

This catalyst of individualism with a communal consciousness will undoubtedly also offer a new sexual revolution – perhaps that of polyamory and a new understanding of human sexuality and identity. It is going to change society, perhaps globally, and alter perceptions. It will be the first truly global, yet grassroots movement, driven by the language of music and visual art. It is going to be an exciting time – Woodstock times a thousand. This is my prediction...

The State or “the man” will no longer be the Enemy, but the entire 'Old World Order' and “System' itself. Anything which stands in the way of individualism and one's individual position within the communal and holistic cosmopolitan sphere will be deemed wholly inadequate and backwards.

Prescription drugs will be frowned upon but not entirely condemned and holistic approaches will take presidence. Formally outlawed yet holistic drugs will become the “in” thing, and all things natural BEFORE man-made will be the overarching cry! “Nature” will be a big term, but with the inclusion of useful and holistically thoughtful technology.

The world is about to be turned upside down and undergo a major revolution due, for the most part, to the Information Age and the human influence upon it. Individualist hackers and computer geeks will become viewed as champions of freedom, religious and traditional political extremists will be labeled conformists and non-individualist thinkers as well as eco-terrorists, and those who embrace the 'Old World Order' will generally feel the same effects.

Certainly, governments will try to ride the tide, join and influence the movement, but it will be so diverse, so quickly, and so supported by lone wolves of the Digital Age that completely fooling the masses will be next to impossible. No government authority of the 'Old Order' will succeed in altering the course, simply because the seeds of individual liberty and how to recognize if one has such have already been planted as of this writing. Old methods of mass control will be practically useless for the mere reason that “thinking for oneself” will be the global call-to-duty.

This is the coming revolution, and as always, it will begin with art – the universal and unnameable expression. It will be the greatest moment in human history, effectively dissolving the remnants of Aristocracy and dismantling the entire system on which we are currently founded. It will not turn out as globalists and their think-tanks have thought, for humanity and the human individual, especially the mass of them as individuals, is much stronger and wiser than any model could ever predict.

I am optimistic about the future and I await the “new sound.”

There will be a rejection of nearly every supposedly necessary pillar of civilization in an effort to rewrite the entire formula. It will be an entirely new look at how things “can be” and how they “must be.” And it will start via the mass education of individuals about such things through the mass dissemination of music combined with visual art and practical knowledge via the means available in the Information Age – a movement which could never be stopped once started (and it is already beginning).

It is going to be an interesting time with many facets, especially as the 'Old World Rulers' attempt to compensate and maintain control or evoke small progressive steps and hatch multi-generational plans to regain control.

To be honest, I do not think the 'Old World rulers' and their “thinkers” understand the can-of-worms they have opened in allowing the Digital and Information Age to come into being in their arrogant hopes for complete and total domination, although some may have seen it coming and tried to warn their comrades of such. The individual human spirit is a powerful thing, and when allowed to work individually yet in mass it is unstoppable. We have already passed the precipice for controlling what is already unfolding and it will now be. Even a complete and total lock-down or gradual usurpation is doomed to failure – the Pandora's box of individual liberty and communal spirit has been opened and it cannot be closed. Perhaps, one may suppose, great men and women already knew this and allowed and encouraged it to happen?

Blessings and happy future,