Wednesday, May 15, 2013

True Human Sexual and Relational Behavior

Definition. “Desirable” any number of subjective and deeply personal perceptions

True human sexual and relational behavior is much like is describe in classical texts about sexual evolution and such liberal and modern texts on sexual evolution as 'Sex at Dawn' by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethรก.

The woman wishes to be ejaculated within by as many “desirable” men as she possibly can within her fertility cycle, once she loses her fertility cycle she wishes to be ejaculated within only by “desirable” men which she trusts to be disease free, safe/loyal, and who are also fertile (she still hopes in technological society or supernatural salvation), although she will occasionally stray from that guideline if the male or female is extremely attractive (seeking 'pleasure'). Afterward, the major portion of her project becomes “self preservation” with the secondary hope of “help for her” along with a fertile and a “desirable” male.

Her “denial” stage is marked by the very real possibility of salvation and her realization of growing older, running out of time, and having become less biologically (and therefore instinctually) acceptable. She adapts and becomes more sexually “open” to compensate for her lack of “biological attraction” and becomes more sexually “liberal” At the same time the resourceful woman becomes more conscious of the end of things; and therefore the end of life, and becomes more spiritually “open” to love, and its many forms. She seeks to “give birth” through other means and seeks out “relationships” as a means to continue to “give birth.”

Eventually she accepts her circumstance in life and she desires someone she feels the most satisfaction and comfort in to be someone to die with or die loving. Her entire sexual, relational, and sexual moral belief system is eventually discovered as being based upon and centered around “giving birth” and “seeking pleasure.” The woman becomes fully conscious of herself!

Meanwhile, the male action is completely different. First the man seeks the women most easily had, then he seeks out the women most “desirable”, and then he seeks out the most :fertile” and otherly pleasant. He does this constantly and consistently, in a cycle. The male is as equally concerned with pleasure as he is reproduction, if not more concerned for the former. His primary concern is “relief of stress” followed by “survival through reproduction.”

It must be understood that the male “emotional” outlook is much different from the female “emotional” outlook. Men do not necessarily at FIRST feel their survival in the feminine sense. It may be more about “personal NOW preservation” than “later preservation,” but this is the dominant masculine view (I am confident any study would prove).

At first, men will likely act more on “attraction” and “mere pleasure” than on any sort of attachment. Next, as they grow older they will act more on “relationships”, attraction, interaction, and united states, because they will realize that although their seed is still good, their “appearance” in comparison to other young and fit men becomes increasingly difficult to counter-display. Although they “hold” the part, they no longer “look the part.” By doing this older men find a way to adapt to the still available women and find the “attraction” and “mere pleasure” which drove them and still drives them to begin with.

The infertile women find pleasure in their many available options, and the elder or infertile men, then find the same. Inevitably, both genders, if given sufficient thought, end up with bisexual and polyamorous tendencies due to life experience and the wisdom gained from it.