Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On Love

By Alraune

The definition of “Love” is one which has escaped human endeavor throughout the ages, but that does not mean it has not been attempted and, in some instances, very closely arrived at. It is my intention here to offer my own attempt at defining “Love,” if I may be afforded the opportunity by the dear reader.

First, it should be noted that “Love” is not an objective thing which can be accurately and adequately defined for all conscious entities, nor is it a purely subjective thing which can hold any definition, but it is much more of an interjective thing, meaning it by definition involves some sort of relationship.

I therefore propose that the definition of “Love” requires the inclusion of relationship; otherwise, it cannot and is not what we all know to be Love. 'Tis true one can love their self or love another without return, but a relationship of some sort, either superficial or between “me” and “I” must necessarily be in order to have any sort of Love.

I further propose that “Love” requires the recognition, acceptance, and desire for the unique characteristics of that other with which a relationship is being shared, and that varying degrees of Love can and do exist in direct correlation with the amount of recognition, acceptance, and desire entered into.

Finally, I propose that there is a difference between “loving” and “being loved.” The former is the degree of recognition, acceptance, and desire for another from the first person perspective while the latter is the degree of recognition, acceptance, and desire being felt by one in the first person perspective. “Love” is then, the condition of feeling “Love” for another (loving), or feeling “Love” from another (being loved), or being in-love (the reciprocal relationship of loving and being loved).

For the layman then, “Love” is what is experienced with someone whom you can be your true and naked self around, and who can be their true and naked self around you, and you both recognize, accept, and desire one another for exactly what you are individually and together.

True Love is the freedom to enter into a relationship without fear or reservation concerning who you are, and with no fear or reservation concerning who the other is, but rather acceptance and desire for one another.

This is the best definition for “Love” I have arrived at to-date, and I do not think it can be surpassed by me in any other way other than poetry and art and expression, for “Love” is a form of expression as well as feeling.

How else could I define “Love?”


I explode with joy and excitement,
I burst into flame,
I thirst to be me in you,
For you to be in me,
All fades and is nothing,
We are clarity and life,
I am alive, I am me!

You have become my breath,
I suck you in,
I soak you up,
You soak me up,
I am full and happy,
We are complete and one,
You are alive, I see!

You melt with my desire,
I consume you,
I experience you,
You experience me,
You are safe and warm,
We are united in being,
We are alive, we feel!

An ocean washes in,
I am calm in you,
You rage in me,
Our emotions stir,
We flow and ebb,
We bath in our delight,
We share total existence!

There is nothing else now,
Time ceases to exist,
Space is meaningless,
Life is purposeful,
We are, that we are,
All pain and sorrow fades,
Love has come, I awake!

It was all just a dream,
It was all just a dream.
We are not the dream,
We are the dreamers.

It's alright now,
The dream is over.
We have awoken in Paradise,
Lying beside one another.

The birds are singing,
Butterflies are everywhere.
The grass is soft,
The Sun is warm.

We frolic in the woods,
We laugh and sing.
We bathe in cool waters,
We share all things.

The Sun sets but we do not sleep,
We make love in the moonlight.
Our emotions rise into the sky,
In this place we find our being.

Sleep creeps in and we both grow scared,
Hold my hand! Hold my hand, my Love!
Together we can overcome,
Our love is far too strong!

We drift off to sleep in each others' arms,
I am asleep, but you awaken.
You cover me with a blanket, and all your love.
You kiss me, I moan in delight.

The Sun rises and we both are roused,
You are still there, I am still there.
We are in love, we are one.
I hold you close to my chest.

We are not the dream,
We are the dreamers!

We were not the dream,
We are the dreamers!

Hold my hand! Hold my hand, my Love!
Hold me tight, hold me close.
Cover me with your love,
I long to awaken beside you.

Love has come.