Sunday, December 23, 2012

Proof of Panpsychism

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed (the First Law of Thermodynamics), emergence is impossible because something cannot arise out of something which did not already contain its characteristic (“ex nihilo, nihilo fio”) - true “wetness” cannot arise from the same elementary building blocks as true “dryness”, and so, conscious life cannot arise from material and unconscious existence, and entropy (the Second Law of Thermodynamics) states that converted energy will escape and be unrecoverable, and also that it will tend to be less orderly, yet life (specifically human) multiplies despite its need to consume life; therefore, consciousness must be arising from the energy already contained within the universe and that energy must already hold the quality or characteristic of consciousness, in some form, within it unless both energy and consciousness are being introduced from outside the system.

In other words, consciousness must have always been in existence as long as physical existence within this universe and been part-and-parcel to it in every instance, or there is another, likely intelligent force manufacturing both energy and consciousness from somewhere outside of our universe. Despite the possibility of multi-verses or deity, there is still the problem of creation from nothing, for both deity or randomness (“ex nihilo, nihilo fio”), meaning we are created essentially “ex deo” (despite one's definition of deity or otherwise as the building blocks). This means that panpsychism is not only the most logical assumption, but that it is the only logical option despite its seeming conflict with what is known as “common sense”, since common sense (and logic) both dictates the two main points of the argument set forth, and common sense, and therefore its physically verifiable assumptions, are also based upon physical perceptions which are predicated on the assumption that all which exists can be observed mainly via visual or auditory measurements (specifically via the scientific method) – certain forms of common sense can be manipulated by invalid assumptions.

A must always be the equivalent of A, B cannot arise from A alone, nor can A become multiples of A, yet A is both B and multiples of A; therefore A must be more than was assumed or an outside force is adding to A (in violation of the first premise); therefore, the answer must be that A is not perceived correctly, or the first premise is entirely wrong – either way, the first premise must provide both A, B, and multiples of A in itself and that would mean a complete rewriting or understanding of everything – like it or not.

Consciousness must necessarliy coexist with matter from the beginning.  God is not dead – we just have always looked too shallow.

Peace. Alraune.